Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Poem for Nancy

I read a simple prayer today, written by a friend.
Her sentiments revealed her wisdom, causing me to bend
My knees before the God I love.

Thank You Lord for treasures, that come in human form;
That bring us words to lift us up to places that transform
Our hearts to His, our God of love.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Your Sushi is on the Way!!

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my son and his family. Our precious granddaughter had popped in our house and, as was her habit, she opened the refrigerator door to see what grandma had to eat!  I enjoy introducing my grandchildren to unusual foods, and this particular day she saw sushi. Kayla loves sushi!  It was late in the afternoon and I knew her mom, Kathleen, was fixing a yummy dinner, so I said, "Kayla, you can't have the sushi now, but when I come back on Thursday, we will eat sushi."  She was a little disappointed to have to wait, but she knew that Thursday she would get her sushi, because I had promised.

The following Thursday, Kathleen and I were at the grocery store before the kids got home from school. I remembered the sushi. "Oh! I owe Kayla sushi!" I exclaimed to Kathleen as we were getting ready to leave. "How on earth can you owe her sushi?" Kathleen asked quizzically. "Because I promised her," I replied. 

Suddenly, revelation came!  Kayla always opening my fridge was like the way I am in God's Word. I am always opening it to discover something good to eat. I devour His promises. I realized that all the promises He gave us through His Son, Jesus, and His action at the cross and resurrection, are mine! God's heart towards me is even more overflowing than my heart towards Kayla. I felt I owed her because I promised, and she felt secure in the knowledge that she would get her sushi on Thursday, because I had promised. How much more does God want to give us His promises?  I recognized the love I felt in the owing; and it cannot compare to the love He feels in the "owing!"  

Please don't misunderstand! I am not saying we come to God and say,"You owe me! "  I am saying He loves so much, that He longs to fulfill all His promises. You can count on it! Just like Kayla had her sushi by faith on Sunday and for real on Thursday, so we have our promises by faith at Calvary, and for real today! Your sushi is on the way!!!  Blessings, Anna Marie