Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do You Cherish Your Goodbyes?

L to R: Steve, George, Hal and Tom
45 years ago my life changed forever.  I can remember the day of the accident that took my brother's life in detail.  The sky was the color of Texas bluebonnets. Azaleas bloomed on every street. Birds were busy singing to attract a mate.  It was the perfect day.

 Hal drove up beside me in our little beige Volkswagen convertible, top down, his friend, Royal, by his side.
"Hey Sis!  You want a ride home?"  His brown wavy hair was windblown, and he was grinning at me as he used to do.  "What a day!"
"No thanks." I replied. "It's so pretty out, I think I'll walk..."
And that was the last time we ever spoke.

Hal was kind, and funny.  He played the drums like Gene Krupa reincarnated.  Even as a tiny girl, he made me feel safe.  As a young boy,  he and my dad hacked their way through the Amazon jungle with machetes, to check out a gold mine my dad had invested in.  He was fearless.

His untimely death taught me many things. But the one that means the most to me this morning is how important our partings can be.  I try to remember that every goodbye could be my last. We don't have any guarantees.  I hope my loved ones will never forget how much they are loved by me.

Today, when you kiss your family and friends goodbye or goodnight, remember it could be the last time you see them.  Let your love shine over them.

 Psm 39:4 RSV
"LORD, let me know my end, and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is!

Miss you, Hal.
Love forever, Your Sis