Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overcoming Fear!

Fear has always been the greatest enemy of my soul.  As I sat in silence with the Lord, these words came to my heart. I pray they will bless you. (I think it's meant to be a song, I have a melody in my mind)

Oh Lord, You are my Lord.
I trust in You.
When shadows overtake
I run to You.
In the Silence
Cause my raging heart to still,
Then I'll live and move and breathe
Within Your will.

Oh Lord, You are my Lord.
I trust in You.
As I live within Your Light
I rest in You.
There is no lie or fear
That stands before Your gaze,
Jesus, my heart, my life
To You I raise.

Transform me now.
Transport me now,
Into Your heart and likeness, Lord,
My Jesus show me how.
It's by Your grace,
And through Your suffering for our sake,
Create one heart,
Create one mind;
Your life I take.

Monday, January 23, 2012

60 Day Health Challenge!: What's in Your Pantry?

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why Holiness is a Choice!

Holiness is to be set apart, fully consecrated for Him and His purposes.  Holiness is a gift given when we answer the call of Jesus, “Come follow Me.”; obedience to come and follow; to empty myself of everything that I held or hold dear and receive from my precious Lord those elements that He needs me to carry to reach out to the broken world.   

Holiness is a recognition that in me dwells no good thing, unless it is the pure love and light of Christ.  By faith, we obtain His life and light and love.  

“Be holy as I am holy.”   

He calls us to carry our cross, whatever it be, totally identifying ourselves with his suffering, death and rejection, and trusting in the risen life that He has freely bestowed upon us.  His blood became the drink offering poured out from His holy vessel to reconcile us to our Father.  

Will I trust in Him to not only make me holy unto that end, that my life would be counted to  be a holy vessel to my God, and the world that He loves so much, that even in its darkness, sin and black-heartedness he gave His only Son to make us one with Him?

Forgive me Father for not allowing the crucible of the potter’s fire to strengthen me.  Forgive me when I want to hide because the way seems too difficult. 

Thank You for Your promise- that nothing can snatch me from Your hand.
I choose to be holy-set apart for You.  Lord, I trust You will bring it to pass.

Question: What is one thing you can do today to walk in holiness?