Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pruning for Glory

This morning, looking through the bedroom window at my little butterfly and bird garden, I was delighted to see new sunflower blossoms getting ready to bloom. I have sunflowers popping up, scattered from the bird seed in the feeder.

I love sunflowers.

As a girl growing up, my mom and brother and I would drive our VW bug convertible through Kansas, top down, and absolutely glory in the miles and miles of sunflowers in full bloom. (I will try to find a picture and upload) I learned that the farmers would leave the flowers to dry on the stem until they were filled with sunflower seeds. We never passed by at harvest time, so all I had ever seen were the flowers at their radiant peak.

So, when these serendipitous flowers arrived in the garden, I decided to watch and see the seeds appear. I want to see if the birds discover them, too. Well, it didn't take long before there were lots of flowers, so I couldn't resist cutting a few for a bouquet.

At first after cutting I would just pull up the rest of the plant, because somehow I had it in mind that they only bloomed once.
A few days ago, I decided to leave the stem and see if it would put out another bloom. Hallelujah! There are three!

I was reminded again about the pruning of the Lord. When we produce fruit, our Father prunes us to increase our fruitfulness!
Is it pleasant at the time? Of course not, but trust in the Lord. He is working in our lives to increase the harvest of righteousness in us and through us. And what a beautiful likeness we will have. The Glory of the Son! Blessings to all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Maiden Voyage

Launching out into the deep end of the blogging world is a little intimidating for this middle-aged, non-conformist grandma. So much in my life has been concrete, finite and boring, and I wonder what do I have to contribute? (Amazingly, my friends would never say that about what they have observed of that same life.)
This beginning is giving me the same rush that I got the first time I scuba'd in Lake Travis, Austin, TX when I was trying to get certified as a diver. My heart is beating and I am having to really focus to calm my breathing!
There is so much I long to say to my friends and fellow travelers. I only hope that my musings will somehow reach out to others and give hope and peace and joy along the way.
The thing about this form of communicating, is that there is no turning back. Once out there, it's out there!
So, here goes!
This is only the beginning of my new adventure. Hope I am a quick learner.