Friday, June 27, 2014

Reactor or a Responder?

This morning I was having a conversation with a young man named, Ricky Callahan. We were discussing relationships and healing. He was telling me about the moment that redirected him.

Not long ago, at work, one of his co-workers had a reaction to Ricky's directives as the manager.  Ricky found himself stirred up in anger, but he did not reply. He stewed on it all day, and when he got into his car for his hour commute home, he was praying about it.

Immediately, he heard the voice of the Lord say,"I don't react, I respond."

I was immediately brought to attention by these words.  I began to ponder the differences between the two words.  I first thought of  "First Responders."  First responders go into a bad situation, and bring those involved, out of the situation, into safety, protection, even life!

One who reacts is in effect, re-acting the bad behavior; in others words, acting out the words, or behavior, or pain in the given situation, by acting with the same hurtful behavior or words. Reactions can cause explosions, disasters, and sometimes the damage can take years to repair.  I speak from personal experience.

I am one who has been guilty of reacting instead of responding.  Every time I have reacted, as oppose to responded, I caused a fracture in a relationship, there-by making the situation worse.

One of the definitions of react, from is: to act in opposition, as against some force. This immediately brings to mind what happens in opposition.  Opposition, if not handled with care and diplomacy can cause irreparable damage. (Or, I should say, only the Blood of Jesus Christ repairs this damage.)  Reactors do not need any training to react; they just do it. Reactors operate through fear.

First Responders are trained.  One of the first things they receive training for is CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  

As followers of Christ, we must train to be First Responders in the kingdom of God. We have the authority to heal the broken hearts, and bring the breath of life into those who are hurting.

Part of the training, for me, has been letting the Lord heal the areas in my heart that have allowed my to be triggered to react, rather than respond.  As He has healed my heart and restored my breath, I have more peace and wisdom for dealing with painful relationships.

Beloveds, I urge you and myself to receive all the healing and training we can, as followers of Jesus, so that when the assaults and divisions come,  we, like our Heavenly Father, respond and thereby bring those in distress into safety and freedom!

Blessings, Anna Marie