Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are you Suffering?

Every generation has had its challenges and troubles.
Every person will meet with trials and sorrows. 
Sometimes, it can feel as if the pressure will crush the breath right out of you.
But God.

Recently, I had an encounter with Jesus.
My heart was bleeding and I felt as if nothing would ever be okay again.
Suddenly, I saw Him on the cross.
He was looking at me.

He reminded me of His words, "He who has been forgiven much loves much."
Somehow, as I focused on His eyes, I received the understanding that in the same way, "He who has suffered much loves much."

I saw Him as He took not only ALL my pain, but also the pain of everyone who ever has lived or will live. The sorrow He bore for us was unfathomable

He did this willingly, selflessly, eternally...

This Love will never let me go. This Love will never let you go.

I can breathe again.