Friday, October 7, 2016

Just Hanging Out With God!

Seek the Lord early in the morning.
Seek Him while He may be found.
Make straight His path.

Lord, I come to You right now.
I dedicate my life anew,
This day to You

Take it.
Fill it.
Use it!

I empty my
of everything, making room for You, my King!

Especially, take my doubts and fears.
They've crept in there throughout the years.

Let me see only Your Resurrection,
My heart and soul turned in Your direction.
There is my Hope!
There is my Joy!
There is my Life!

All creation screams out the Truth of Your Resurrection!
Resurrection is Truth!

Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies,
It cannot bear fruit!
Jesus, I know where my seed lies,
I hope to see the fruit with my own eyes!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

I Matter

I matter.
I am an artist.
I have created a painting,
A painting that inspires mankind.

I matter.
I am a farmer.
I planted the seed that grew.
A seed that became the plant,
That was made into a fiber that became a canvas
For the artist to use, to inspire mankind.

I matter.
I am a lumberjack.
I invested years in a tree,
A tree that I harvested
That became lumber,
Lumber shipped on a train to be used in the future, to inspire mankind.

I matter.
I work long difficult hours
Laying railroad tracks.
Railroad tracks that will change the world.
Tracks bringing lumber, and goods
For others to use, to inspire mankind. 

I matter.
I am a carpenter.
I take the wood from the train,
Form and fashion it into a frame.
A frame on which the canvas is stretched
For the artist to use, to inspire mankind.

I matter.
I am a cuniculturalist.
I raise rabbits.
Rabbits that are used to make glue.
Glue that prepares the canvas for the paint,
Paint that the artist will use, to inspire mankind.

I matter.
I am a teacher.
I open the curtains to reveal the wonder in the world,
Wonders that inspire the artist to create.
Wonder the artist displays, to inspire mankind.

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Morning Meditation?

The morn was dark
With silence deep,
When I awakened from my sleep.

The air was cool,
And soon I heard
The single song of one small bird.

Its praises sang out,
Sweet and clear,
"Awaken friends, the Lord is near!"

Another voice rang out,
Its song was loud and deep,
"Oh for Pete's sake, Charlie!
It's 3'oclock in the morning!
Go back to sleep!"

And so, we all went back to bed,
These little birds' songs in my head.
I had a smile upon my face,
While Jesus whispered in my ear,
"See you later, my dear..."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind?

The wind blows.
I feel the movement on my skin.
I feel the tickling of my hair, as it moves
As in a dance with the breeze.

The wind blows.
I hear the rustling of the leaves.
I hear a whisper in my soul
Saying, "Come and dance with Me
In gentle ease."

The wind blows.
I see its power as it moves the fallen leaves from here to there.
I see them dance and twirl in joy.
They show me life continues,
On and on.

Another season starts!

Blessings, Anna Marie

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Want a Smile?

Don'cha love to read a rhyme?
It lifts my heart up every time!
It makes me want to laugh and dance, 
Sometimes so hard, I wet my pants!

The giggles start,
The giggles roar, 
And soon I'm rolling on the floor!
I'm feelin' good, 
I'm feeling fine,
Though some may say,
I've lost my mind!

Ahhhhh! That was Goooood!