Friday, January 5, 2018

Breath to Breath

Bring yourself to Me.
Reach out with all your strength,
In Me all Hope is found,
Never-ending Life,
God's mercy on the Tree.

Breathe in My never-ending Rest.
Realize the Life I have placed in you.
Everything I am is in you.
Access is yours.
Trust in Me.
Heaven is in each breath.

Tenderness is under My wing.
Oaks of righteousness grow eternally in that safe place, and sing.

Absolute Love, absolute Life, absolutely
Listens to each breath, and
Lifts you into the Land of perfect affection.

An affection
So deep it can never be removed.

You are Mine.
Oceans demonstrate mystery of My love.
Under-currents are strong drawing you deeper.

Go with the currents, as I release you
Out to ride the waves of Joy, crashing over others, drawing them deeper, too!

by Anna Marie Sheffield

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