Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Did It!

Brenham, TX. 8:45 am.  Chay and I were there and rarin' to go!  It was a challenge indeed.  We were late to the registration and we had to park almost a mile from the high school where the starting line was.  When we made it UP the hill to the HS we had to walk another 1/4 mile through the school to get to the registration table.  Then another 1/2 mile to the start line.  We were tired ~ The horn honked.  We were off!  Chay took off like a streak....Chay where are you in the sea of green t-shirts???  Whew, he looked over his shoulder for his gramma, and slowed down!  
We were challenged the entire way.  Do you know that Brenham is all hills?  Both ways!

Towards the end we were facing yet another hill.  There at the base of the hill were two precious high school students, members of the tennis team (the fun run was to benefit the athletic program,) Dallas and Morgan.
Dallas recognized that this little 8 year old was struggling to finish the race.  Dallas began to cheer Chay on and then he decided to run with him!  Dallas challenged Chay. "Common buddy! Let's go!"  Chay took off with Dallas encouraged and inspired. We ran in to the high school finish line and Dallas and Morgan cheered Chay to the end!

If ever I am tempted to worry about our young people today, I will remember Dallas and Morgan.  They really cared about this little stranger, Chay.  They wanted him to run his race, and they were willing to come along side him to see win.  God Bless those two.

As we crossed the finish line , we saw a huge crowd of cheering people. People that Jesus died for.  People that may or may not know Him.  People who care about others.  I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of how much He loves them all.

Thank You, Jesus for loving us so much.

Chay was so proud of finishing his first 5k.  He told several people on the looooong way back to the parking lot about it. :)   May he be as proud of running his race in serving the Lord.