Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on the communal fasting

I am sitting this evening with blankets piled on me with pillows on top of that, covered by my oh so warm laptop.  As a normally very hot-blooded person, this is extreme joy! I love to be cold and snuggle in the covers.  Living most of my life in the extremely hot state of Texas, fasting is almost the only way I get to enjoy this delight.  I know some of you may think I am crazy.  I have friends who think they are going to get frostbite when drops below 80 degrees.  Anyway, feeling the chill is, for me, one of the greatest physical benefits of fasting. 

Tonight brings me to the end of my first week of the forty-day fast my husband, Jack and our friend Billy (William Michael) have committed to under take.  Physically I feel great.  My brain is goofy and I am having a hard time remembering things, but hey, I was like that before!  Prior to the fast, my right knee had been swollen painfully for weeks. Tonight, I do not even notice it.  It feels 90% less swollen. I expect in the morning it will be perfect! Thank you, Jesus! 

In my soul, I am feeling a peace and calm.  I am finding that things that normally stress me are not effecting me at all.  I feel more forgiving towards others as I go about my day.  I find I am quicker to pray than complain. 

Spiritually, I am starting to hear more clearly.  I had two prophetic dreams last night.  I am still praying about the interpretation.  I am moving closer to the Lord.  I am always astounded to find He never moved! 

Join us won't you. We are hoping to get 1,000,000 people to join us in this endeavor.  The numbers are growing!  We have set up a website you can join and share your prayers and fasting experiences.  Follow the link to sign up. 

I have also set a group for those of you who are Facebook: A Call to Fast.  I don't know how to link it here, but you can search it on the Facebook search bar.  We are pushing 300 members there so far.  Help us won't you? 

Blessings and love, Anna Marie