Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ode to Dirty Dishes or Life in an RV

For years I hated cleaning them,

The dirty dishes in my sink.

I’d argue with my spouse,

Whose turn? to wash

The dishes in my sink.

So God in His amazing grace,

Gave me a sink so small,

Doing dishes was a chore

That I could barely do at all!

We’d moved into an RV

Life was simple

Life was fun.

I loved everything about it,

That is except for one.

For five long years I struggled

With a sink sized eight by eight,

A sink so small,

It didn’t even fit a single plate!

So cooking, which I loved to do,

Was limited to soup and stew and such,

Things that could be eaten from a single coffee cup.

Now, that stage of life is past

We moved back to a house.

Sometimes I miss our RV,

Where I felt snug as a mouse.

We have progressed, and have at last

A real kitchen sink,

I find such joy in cleaning

Those dirty dishes in my sink.

They reveal that I’ve been cooking,

Things like pot roast, shrimp and quail.

God’s wisdom and His lessons

I have never seen to fail.

He taught me how at last to love the dishes in my sink.

I never will complain again,

At least, I won’t, I think!