Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

In these days of political unrest, financial troubles and dwindling hope for a secure future that is constantly being pounded into our brains by the "state-owned media", I find my thoughts reflecting on the people I know or have met in my life.

In my family there have many who have served our country in military service, unselfishly, for the greater good of our country. Every day, I meet men and women serving in the same way.

Every day, I see hard-working moms and dads and teenagers, working to make better lives for themselves and their families. Every day, I see someone reach out with a small kindness, even if it is only opening a door for a stranger to walk through. Every day, I hear children laughing, playing in their yards, or swimming at the neighborhood pool.

Every day, I think about the men and woman who work at low paying careers: teachers, social workers, volunteers, nurses aids, day care workers; they do it because they care about their fellow life-travelers. Every day, I am grateful for the ones who labor unselfishly in non-profit businesses because they want the under-dog to have their day.

Every day, I think of those who own businesses, who operate those businesses with honor and integrity. Who care about their communities and work hard to provide jobs and services for others.

God's people at their best are so worth loving! And at their worst need so much loving! I hope when I am at the end of my life, I can look back and be content that I, too, have contributed to the betterment of my brothers and sisters around me.

Thank God for the blessings of this land! Thanks as well to all you blessed people for every kindness shown, small or large!

God Bless America!