Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tangles or Tapestry?

Genesis 50:20 NKJ
... you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good...

Have you ever had a peek at God's view of the embroidered tapestry of life?

Many years ago, my husband, Jack, took an embroidery picture that my mother had made for me, and used it as an illustration for a sermon. As he spoke, he removed the fabric from the frame and turned the back side of it to us. What a mess! Crisscross threads, knots, dangling bits.  He said this is what our life looks like to us. So often the events we go through, and the changes of direction that move us seem tangled, knotted up and cut off without explanation.

Then, he turned it over to show us the completed picture.  It was so lovely!  He smiled as he revealed to us that this is the way God sees our lives.  God has a different perspective than we do. He knows our beginning from our end.  We can trust Him to turn every tragedy into triumph, every change of direction into a story of journey. Someday, the knots and tangles will make sense, and we will behold the glory He has wrought in our lives.

Occasionally, along the way, we do get glimpses of the beauty of the picture.  We just heard of a powerful story from our friends in Chile, the Colbys.  Their car was broken into and their very important personal documents and sentimental things were stolen.  A few days later, after much anguish, someone found the most important things in the woods, and discovered their names.  He returned them to the Colby's, traveling many miles to do so, and in return, this out of work man was offered a job.  A few days later, the man met Jesus as his personal savior! 

One time, my truck window was smashed, and my radio was stolen.  I had to make a trip to Austin from San Antonio that day.  Usually, I listened to talk radio or played music while driving. This day, I just prayed. For the hour and a half it took me to get to Austin, my son's face kept coming to me, so I prayed for him all the way.  That night, he didn't come home from work on time.  Several hours later, he called.  He had been involved in a hit and run accident!  I knew immediately I had been praying for him for this very reason. It could have been a tragedy! Instantly, I thanked God for those thieves that took my radio, and asked Him to bless them! 

What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good! Shalom!