Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whispering Hope

The wind blows,
Your Spirit's in the wind.

The water laps and stirs,
Never still;
As Living Water,
Eternity washes over my weary soul.

There is a Peace
Moving in my heart;
Whispering Hope,
That I am truly whole.

Can I stay here?
Shutting out the world?
I want to know Your Presence,
Feel You near.

"Rest My child."
Love beckons and holds dear.
"This is Our time."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feral or Family?

I was out filling the birdbath with water when I heard a little mewing.  There, shaking their little bodies free from the water I had splashed on them, were four new-born kittens.  So cute!!!! I had noticed the mother cat around our home for several days. She is a lovely brindle-colored feral cat.  I did not realize she had birthed these precious babies until now. 

I thought I should feed her. I do not as a rule feed feral cats, since I cannot afford to catch them, and have them neutered, and pay for their vet bills. But my heart went out to this little momma.

So, I put out some food for her and the next day she had eaten the food and moved the babies.  I was so sad. I really had wanted to adopt this little family. 

The following day, my husband went out to clean our patio and found the kitties under a pile of wood.  I got so excited! They were still here!  But he had discovered that one of the little ones had died.  He buried it and we blessed it to the Lord.

The following day, momma had moved them again.

Then it hit me.

That little feral momma cat is just like so many of us.  We have no idea that the One who cares for us wants the best for us.  He wants to feed us, capture our hearts with love and pet on us until we know how much He loves us.  But at the first move towards us, we run and hide.  Fear grips our heart...what if we are not safe in His care?

Dear one, the safest place on earth is in His care.  If I, being a fallen, weak creature know how to care for a feral kitty, how much more does the God of all creation know how to care for me and you?

Please stop running and hiding.  He loves you so.  Let Him feed you and care for you.  You will be blessed!    ~ Anna Marie

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sing Allelu! ~ Fernando Ortega!


Just feeling astoundingly blessed1 Thank YOu Jesus! You have redeemed my life!

Sing Allelu! ~ Fernando Ortega!

Just feeling astounding-ly blessed! Thank You Jesus, You have redeemed my life!