Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Are You Thank-full?

This morning my spiritual director, Bitsy, read a clip from a book, The Art of being Thank-full. It was teaching the power of being intentionally thank-full, as we go. It really smacked me in the face!

My morning, from wake up to my arrival here, at our spiritual direction group, has been "full" of hindrances and grouchiness, on my part.

First, when I woke up, my eyes puffy, then I got on the scale, and I had gained weight on my diet!  Then my husband popped off at me.

Then, on my way to group, a train was blocking the way, so I made a U-turn, and every direction I tried to go, there were traffic issues! I saw three different drivers swerve and almost collide, and another one towards me!

My thoughts about all of this was mainly, "Good-Grief!"

As Bitsy read from her book, I saw a totally different picture of my morning. 

I woke up with puffy eyes, and I was thankful that I was able to lay in bed for 15 extra minutes with a cold pack on my eyes. It felt GOOOD!! Thanks, Jesus! Then my eyes could see! Thanks, Jesus!

When I saw the train, I was able to make a "u-ie" and it made all the construction workers laugh!  Thanks, Jesus!

Then 4 accidents didn't happen! Thanks, Jesus!  And all the red-lights gave me more time to rock out with Bob Dylan! Thanks, Jesus!

And even when Jack popped off, he did it with words that made me happy, because You, Jesus, were showing me that You are opening his eyes to something I have been praying about! Thank You, Jesus!

WOW!! I am TOO excited!!!  😁 And, Oh Yeah! The weight I have gained has made me appreciate others who have struggled, so when I am thin and beautiful, I won't be "all that!"

Ha! Ha!

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  1. When I get I never looked in the mirror and then Jesus said look you got two eyes two ears yo can breathe and you walked getting here THANK YOU JESUS, When I drove to work I used to be a challenger to Andretti casting evil thoughts all around me and I never got to work any faster, then the Holy Spirit told me to bless everyone around me and to my amazement the traffic lanes opened, I did not check to see if I got to work faster, but I was relaxed and fresh to start work. THANK YOU JESUS