Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 18! Hives, Discomfort or Blessing?

One of the ways I always seem to go through detox while fasting is by the eruption of hives all over my body.  Fun, huh?  Anyway, last night I woke up scratching like crazy and moaning and complaining to the Lord.  Suddenly, thoughts dropped into my mind that I know were not mine. I saw the suffering of Jesus for us.  I was mortified!  I am doing this fast to get closer to the Lord and I can't even handle the minor thing of hives.  I prayed to the Lord, to help me share in some small way through this fast in His suffering, that I would put up with the hives as an offering. Instantly, I fell asleep! I had no itching that I was aware of and when I awoke this morning at 4:00 am I was completely refreshaed! No hives! 

I can only say that the Lord was showing me His awesome mercy!  He does not want me to, suffer but only  my heart be fully turned to Him.  What an awesome God! Thank You Jesus!

Tonight I am once again itching like crazy, but somehow the discomfort has achieved a proportion of relevance in my heart. I want to wash His feet with this fast.  Jesus is taking me to personal depths I wasn't expecting. Blessings, Anna Marie