Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fast: Day 1! The End of the Day

Phew, I made it! First day of our group fast and am in bed, trying compose a post that will inspire you to join us on our 40-day journey!  Jack and William Michael and I felt the strong nudging of the Holy Spirit to consecrate a fast and recruit 1,000,000 believers to join us.  We want to see the Bride of Christ awaken! To see her clothed in the glory from on high! We are desperate for the Kingdom of God to reign!  We have all that we need from the Lord.  He sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us and told us that we would even do greater things than He did!  The time is now!  The only thing standing between us the glory is our flesh and our lack of focus.

Fasting brings focus unlike anything I have ever experienced.  When you fast, you turn your heart to the Lord constantly, especially when you feel weak or hungry.  Somehow He fills the emptiness with His power and spiritual victories happen! Angels are armed! Hallelujah!

Check out our website that was created just for this fast.  A Call to Fast  We would love for you to sign up and enter in with your own experiences and words from the Lord.