Friday, January 7, 2011

Fast: Day 4! The Servants Knew

I have always been a fan of historical and Gothic novels.  I love reading about the life of people who lived in those old 4 story mansions, with servants on every floor. I was always struck by the fact that the families and their peers never noticed the servants.  The servants knew everything!
This morning, sipping my hot coffee, which I had to get for myself as I do not have a bell ringer over my bed, (and yes, I know I shouldn't be drinking coffee on a water fast!) I opened to the book of John, chapter 2, and began to read the account of the wedding feast in Cana.  Jesus' first recorded miracle: He turned water into wine! My kind of guy! :) What was illumined to me out the entire passage was this:

 "...(but the servants who had drawn the water knew).

Wow! No wonder He calls us to servant-hood.  That's where the good stuff happens.
The master of the feast got to taste the miracle of the wine, but the servants participated in bringing it to pass. How?  They were obedient to the voice of Jesus.  Ohhh it gives me chills! Have you ever seen a miracle? What part did you play?
When I think back to the miracles in my life, they were always birthed through someone caring enough to serve, whether through prayer or some other kind of sacrifice.

I see this fast as a form of servant-hood.   We are believing God for a massive world-wide awakening.  I see the lost of this world having the veil rent from their eyes and hearts to see their Savior.  He is standing, telling us to fill our pots with living water so that He can make new wine!  Fasting makes room for more living water!

Won't you come and join us on our "call to fast?"   A Call to Fast  
Blessings, Anna Marie