Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Perspective of Community!

I love taking photos.  I love the way a camera focuses my vision.  When you get behind the lens of a camera, you are always looking for that perfect shot.  I am sometimes amazed at the things I see in a picture that I missed in real view; for example, the expressions on faces of people in the background, the bugs on the flowers, and sometimes even optical illusions that demonstrate the power of perspective!

I have an incredibly talented cousin, Karen, who takes some of the most creative photos I have ever seen.  She taught me the power of perspective.  She and her husband both love to take pictures looking up at things, buildings, faces etc.  What it makes me think of, is how our perspective changes when we look up to God.  He is the Creator, and when we look at things with His point of reference we see new possibilities.

This past Tuesday, I had such an aha moment.  As I was talking to God,  He gave me the idea of blogging my health plan.  I have learned that everything in my life goes better when I am in Community; when I walk out my journey with brothers and sisters.  I am held accountable to my life.  When I live "in the Light as He is in the Light, I have fellowship with them, and the Blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin." (paraphrase of 1 John: 1:7.)

This means I am cleansed in a way which removes those ways in which I miss the mark, through my transparency with my Community, and submission to their holding me accountable in ways that may not happen when I walk alone.

This was a new perspective for me.  I have always tried to get healthy on my own.  Never before have I shared my thoughts and habits and struggles with others as I am doing through this blog:

I have felt the difference in knowing I am accountable.  Now, I know that this is not a new concept to many of you.  Groups like Weight Watchers have helped millions.  But this is different for me.  I am asking God about everything I do and eat, and don't do or eat.  I am feeling His good pleasure as I turn all these decisions over to Him.  I don't think I have ever felt this free before or this empowered!

Today I worked the polls for our city-wide election.  My coworkers came loaded for bear!  They brought honey-buns, cookies, nuts etc... As I asked the Lord about the goodies, thinking that 'this is a special day,' wanting to participate in mindless snacking, I realized He was saying, "Really? You want to eat that junk???"
Suddenly, none of it appealed.  I was actually repelled by the thought of putting all that junk in my body, and my day became so easy!  It actually got funny!  They kept saying, "You sure you don't want anything??"  They even sent out for ice cream!  I had absolutely NO desire for any of it!! This is so new! I felt so blessed and empowered!

My perspective has positively changed!  I never want to eat anything without asking Jesus about it again!  What was truly the icing on the cake for me...(I need to change my metaphors) was when about 30 minutes after my friends consumed their ice cream, they were complaining about how miserable they felt!  I tried quite hard not to fall into the sin of smug!  LOL!

Blessing y'all!! Anna Marie