Friday, February 5, 2010

Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul!

My soul longs to bless You, Father;
But at times my soul feels dead.
As I remember the saddest day of my life,
The day that Stevie died, I will bless You.

I bless You for Your tender kindness;
That You did not reject me in my anger towards You.
I bless You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus;
Who willingly laid down His life so that Stevie could be with You forever.
I bless You that even though we do not always receive that You "healeth all our diseases,"
Because You cannot lie- It is so.

I bless You by faith because my feelings, my soul's window, do not realize the fact of blessing today.

I bless You because I must.
I bless You in doubt.
I bless You in the rocky, dry, dusty barren places, where I find myself;
Like a lost sheep- in desperate need of a Shepherd.

This life is so short.
I bless You in the shortness, the shortness that spares our True selves- those born-again bits.

You are always present and always right on time;
In time to spare me from myself. Thank You.

But let me be a blessing to You and know that You adore me.
I want to see You look at me with tender affection;
To feel You pat my face, and stroke my hair, and hear You say,
"You have blessed Me, Child."