Monday, November 29, 2010

Hope in God!

“He will satisfy my soul in drought." Isaiah 58:11
We all have times of drought in our lives.  We either stay face to face with Jesus or we appear to shrivel up and die.  God has given us a million and one examples of His love and mercy and awe if we can just stop look and listen!  I think of the desert.  When the rains cover the dry, thirsty land, the desert is awash with glory!  Jack and I had the privilege of ministering in Phoenix, AZ in the spring one year.  During an early morning walk, I could hardly take in the beauty of the flowers and fragrance in the air.  It overwhelmed my senses.  At the church that day, I began my talk with the raptures I was feeling about the Arizona desert.  Several people laughed and shouted out, “Just come back in the summer!  You’ll change your mind!”  I think of that when I meditate on this scripture.  The wonderful mercy of God is that, in Him, we never die!  Even if we go through times of drought, we are born of imperishable seed.  What hope that gives me.  Even if I totally screw up and don’t stay in that place of trust, the place of living streams, the worst that can happen is that I go dormant, waiting for the time of refreshing.  He satisfies me either way.  When I am walking in that face to face place, I lack nothing and radiate like those flowers in the desert.  He provides the satisfaction.  In the dormant times His love still covers me.  In Jesus Christ, we cannot lose!