Saturday, August 1, 2009

More thoughts on Salt

I can't stop thinking about what it means to be salt and light. We are talking major energy here! Drawing from my science background, I tend to think in basic and concrete terms. My husband , Jack, and I named our ministry Deep River Ministries because we wanted to swim in the deep river of God, the river that flows from His throne! God called us to leave the shallows where we had been splashing around (and having a wonderful time), and get in over our heads! It is in this position that we go with the flow of the river, not our own way. What is so exciting, as we think about being salt, is the detail of what Jesus is saying to us. Meditate on this fact:

When we submerge a crystal of salt into water, it dissolves, and the sole (so-lay) is created. Sole is neither water nor salt. It is a higher energetic dimension than either the water or the salt alone. (emphasis mine)
(From a book: "Water & Salt, The Essence of Life" by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and Biophysicist,Peter Ferreira.)

You see, God's plan is that He work through us in this world!!! Do you get it? Can you wrap your brain around it?? I am so excited I can hardly sit still and type! As we immerse ourselves in the river of God (He is the Living Water), we are transformed into sole and we have an energy that brings life. Think about how sole works in the body...without it our brains cannot transmit a single thought, a single message to the muscles and organs!!! As we are the sole in the Body of Christ we begin to move in God's Spirit in ways that transmit His will to the world around us and transformation takes place! We become a powerful force that will not be stopped! Shout glory with me somebody!!!!

O God, throw me into the river, like my brother used to do to me as a child when I hesitated! Don't hold back, let 'er rip!! Yahoo!