Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Still and Listen

It's hard to be still and listen. So often all I hear are the noises around me. The air-conditioner. My stomach growling. It's amazing how noisy my body is.  But You know my heart, Lord.  My greatest desire is that You be my greatest desire!

How would my life be different if you were?  You want me to be an insider.  You want me to have a fullness that is the complete opposite of loneliness; a confidence in Whose I am, and who I am in You; a holy boldness.  You want me to be so loved that I am love.  Love conquers fear, covers sin and never fails!  Love bestows beauty and grace. Love envelopes and indwells.  Love never stops giving because it has no end.  Love sees the treasure in another.

You want me to raise the dead.  There are so many levels of understanding.  Literally, I want to pray for babies and children and see them made  alive.  I want those things that You have created in me to not be aborted; to not be brought forth through pain and sorrow, but birthed in joy!

What is the opposite of lethargy, stress, and depletion?  Energy, enthusiasm and abundance.  These are You desires for me and for Your family!

Thank You Father that You are creating in me a perfect reflection of Your Son, Jesus.