Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Good Friday.  I was a little embarrassed before the Lord this morning as I looked at my first journal entry, and realized my first thought about this most Holy Day was that I was born on Good Friday.  I was remembering my brother and mom joking about me having two birthdays every year.  My brother always wanted me to get a birthday cake on Good Friday as well as April 16th.  (Miss you, Hal)

As I returned to my purpose for journaling, which is to talk to the Lord and to hear His voice, I began to apologize to Him for my self-centered thoughts.  He is so kind.  He simply said, "It was a prophetic birth."
I was startled. "What do You mean, Lord?"  Silence.

Feeling the need for coffee, (Starbucks, each cup freshly ground, real whipping cream and sweet... mmmmm,)
I left the journal moment behind and headed to my kitchen.  As the water poured into my Melitta coffee filter (And no, I am not getting any $$ from these companies.)  I got it!  I get my best revelations from the Lord as I get busy. Must be the ADD!

Good Friday is my birthday!  It was in Jesus' death, that I received my birth.  Hal was prophesying over me. I really do have two birthdays.  April 16th I was born of water.  Good Friday I was born of the Spirit.  I chose to follow Him.  The candles on my cakes shine more light every year.   I rejoice in that: more revelation, more glory, more joy!

The Good News is you can have two birthdays every year, as well!  If you are His, you do already. If you haven't made that choice, just do it!

You may say, "I don't believe in an afterlife."  "I don't believe in Jesus."  But you can choose to give Him a try.  Just ask Him, "If it's true, if you are real, if you love me, if you died for me, if there is a heaven, I want to know.  Come into my heart and reveal Yourself to me, that I may know You and the power of your resurrection.  I really want to see.  In Jesus' name I ask this."  It is a worthy experiment.

Trust me. That is how I found Him.  There were no candles that night, no fireworks.  But I asked Him in.
The following morning, I told some friends what I had done.  The power of heaven filled my entire being and I have never been the same.

May I wish you a Happy Birthday?

Blessings and hugs, Anna Marie