Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 32! Officially!

I guess it is legally the next day, since it is after midnight.  I can't sleep. It is cold and icy out! I keep hoping for snow, but Jack and Billy fly out tomorrow morning, if all is well.  I know they are eager to get to OKC, OK for the scouting trip.  We are planning an Atmosphere of Heaven conference there.  It is so exciting.  We know that God has something awesome planned for that area.  Please pray for these guys a safe travel.

It is hard to believe this fast is almost over.  I hope we continue to stay in contact with the many who have joined us on the internet.  Amazing people, all!  So many burn with passion to see the church awaken and the Kingdom of God advance.  Compassion for the hurting has been poured out through prayer requests.  What a blessing to be able to share the needs and the victories that have been realized through the power of corporate prayer and fasting!

We have been doing a Daniel Fast for the last few days.  It is so hard to stay on just water when it is so cold outside!  Jack and I were cranking the heater up to 78 degrees!  I think we may have been single-handedly responsible for the rolling black-outs!   I really want to get back on just water (yes, and coffee)  for the remainder of the fast.  There is a deep calling to deep kind of experience with that.  I would appreciate your prayers in my endeavor.

For those of you in Northern climates, I salute you!  This has been a truly record making winter!  I hope you are all warm and blessed.  Make a snow man for us!  Or at least a snow angel!

As we continue on in this fast, let our chief aim be to minister to the Lord.  I would love to hear from you any revelation you may have on ministering to the Lord.  Blessings dear ones, Anna Marie