Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay. I committed to blogging every day in 2011.  Right now I have no inspiration, but simply recollection.  I am basking in the memories of a place that changed my life. The Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal in Houston, TX.

I have just been watching the video that was uploaded to YouTube, of the CBS report on the move of God in that holy place.   I am not sure of the date, but it was before we got there. I am guessing in the late 60's judging from the cars and clothes.  Jack and I came on the scene in 1973 (Jack had visited in the late 60's before he was drafted into the army. He was whacked by God!)
The Spirit's transforming power was strong and we were led to move into the community.  We lived first in a four-plex with other couples from Redeemer, and in a slightly different way of community, because we all had our own place, but we were always in each other's homes.  It was a very glorious time.  I remember pizza and beer with Barbara and John Boyle!  And Jeanie Flake!

Then as many young newlywed couples do, we began to have some trials that we did not know how to deal with on our own.  We spoke to the leadership in the church and soon found ourselves in the Paul and Susie Patton Household.  This was a home filled with almost 20 people, maybe more...my memory is a little faint. It was hard but wonderful.  I have never been connected with people, so sold out to Jesus Christ, in my life.  I learned how to make scrambled eggs for a crowd in that house!

Then we moved to the Billy and Jennifer Crain Household.  There were fewer people, but still a strong sense of family.  It was memorable time.

Jack and I moved away in 1975, but we have never forgotten the lessons learned at Redeemer, or the love that was forged there.  Never have I met more on-Fire Christians. I have thanked God many times for the experience, pain and all.

I pray for the people of the church who have recently been evicted from the building.  I know that the church is the people not the edifice, but believe with all my heart that the place should be restored and used to the glory of God!