Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love is All We Need

Family is so important.  How different my experience has been with the passing of my mom and the soon to be passing of my mom-in-love.  When my mom died, there was only my sweet husband by her side. We did not have any warning.  I thank God that Jack was there for Mom.

Mary, however, has been held in so much love. Her two beautiful granddaughters and I, and Jack, and others have held vigil for Mary Alice Black MCown Sheffield for several days now. It has been rich. We have reminisced about so many happy times and watched Mary glow.  Nursing staff have blessed us in so many ways.  A fellow resident, a woman who loved Mary, from the dining room stopped by and brought us all to tears with her blessing of Mary.

I hurt with my precious grandson tonight as he realized his "big-grandma" was leaving us. What a blessing this young man is in our life.  I am filled with love knowing that every person, no matter how frail, or how unable to do for others, is cherished by one so young and so tender.

Lord, thank You for Mary Alice.  She is one who was always there for her family.  She never judged. She always loved, and for that I shall always be grateful.